Look for Beauty in the Ordinary and the World Becomes Amazing!

Falling into photography from the art world I have truly found my medium.I balance my teaching role with my own practice and love each element.

Originally I just stumbled across photography when walking a friends dog.We were out walking early mornings and evenings, which I now now are golden hours for anyone with a camera.As we walked, I started to notice my surroundings more and more.Taking shots on my phone I realised this was something I could do.I bought my first DSLR, and within 3 months of having a camera I was invited to exhibit with other artists and then placed for International garden photographer of the year with my image bothering buttercups.
Bothering Buttercups  A3

I simply decided to ride the wave and see where it took me.What a journey!! of exhibitions and working in the industry,teaching,shooting and experimenting.I have fallen in love with the medium of photography and I am on a lifelong quest to find my meaning through this fascinating art form.